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Aviva Green, Seremban

Aviva Green, Seremban

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Quiet Luxe

With just the right touch of finishese and the right choice of fabrics as well as furniture, an ordinary home can be turned into a space of simple luxury.

THE DESIGNERS FROM Q1 INTERIORS have truly created a series of marvellous spaces in this beautiful home. The living and dining area shout an echo of expensiveness through the use of bronze mirrors installed on selected walls. The reflective surfaces help to channel a sense of spaciousness while adding a queit touch of majestic sheen to the ambience. Despite being separated by two contrasting sets of furniture configurations, the recessed ceiling that runs across the living and dining helps to keep the space cohesive. The kitchen on the other hand boasts a black and white scheme that further emanates the concept of cimplicity. The sleekness keeps the outlook classy an expensive.

Moving on to the family area, the designers continue to using the bronze mirrors to jive both floors harmoniously. The wooden flooring injects added warmth white throw pillows lend a sense of comfort to those who are hanging out here. The bedroom on the other hand is spacious and absolutely clutter-free. The simple layout combined with a glorious spread of golden curtains elevates the space with a royal flair. The simple feature wall that treads vertically from floor to ceiling adds volume while giving the bedroom a quiet luxurious feeling altogether.

Aviva Green, Seremban

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Elegant Volumes

With its sleek and chic interior, the combination of the contemporary décor with bold stylish colours enhances the charming and unique character of the home.

SOFT HUES AND AUTUMNAL TONES bring out a unique character in this spacious Semi-D. White wall and floor finishes enhance the various warm tones used around the open layout. In the lounge, a stylish burnt-orange sofa furnishes the space with its contrasting cushions in various shades of grey and blue. A mixture of fabrics, textures, surfaces and materials are combined in the lounge, creating the perfect balance between warm elements – like the soft rug, the heavy drapes and the colourful patch-work quilt-style chair along with the the angular tinted mirror and the wall panels behind the television.

Contrasting with the colourful lounge, the dining area is sleek in dark shades. Grey walls and matching grey curtains contrast with the black furniture of the dining area. With a more modern style, the furniture and décor feature more metal and glass elements, which add transparency and dynamism to the space. A small dry kitchen and bar is in the same colour theme as the dining area.

Kangkar Pulai, JB

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Style Profile

This house showcases a contemporary concept that is in perfect harmony with the cleve integration of vibrant decorating themes.

IN THIS HOUSE, THERE ARE corners and niches that may otherwise be left aside as wasted space, had Q1 Interior Concept not paired the contemporary interior concept and decorative styling themes together. We like how the living room is enveloped by mirror walls that are accompanied by box-shelves and a row of indoor plants to bring out a touch of colour. At another end, we adore how a feature wall next to the dining table take on a graphic wall covering but doesn’t stop there – art prints are affixed on strategic spots on the wall covering to create an eye-catching effect. Upstairs, we also enjoy looking at the range of tailor made furniture in the bedrooms that are all adorned with interesting materials and decorated with thematic objects. Then there are little nooks near the windows that are carefully designed using plush furnishing and colourful wallpaper before being finished off with bold-coloured pillows.

On the other hand, there are some spaces that are left undecorated – like the cool streamlined kitchen and the bathrooms which offer a good balance to the interior theme. The study, however has a little bit of both – the custom made shelves aligning the wall indicate a minimalist concept for space, but as a designer went for light wood surfaces for the furniture, a Scandinavian-inspired theme is now dominant. Decoration is kept to a minimal, but small personal touches offer the room a stylised quality. In the children’s room we see more colours expressed in functional way. For instance, colourful stripes highlight the walls, while children furniture beautifully enhance the space.


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Ordered Balance

This home’s neatly arranged rectangular spaces and simplistic decorative features speak of a preference for order over chaos.

From the onset, the naïve observer is informed of the prevailing theme in the form of a catch-all surface situated at the entryway, a simplistic piece of ad-hoc furniture formed from a monochromatic pair of right angles that converge to hold up a circular decorative platter. The shapes of the elements making up this decorative statement suggest a dependence on rectangular forms, while the colours foreshadow the predominant neutral palette.

The wide entryway spills out onto the open layout of this home’s ground floor, presenting an open expanse of white floor tiles— interrupted only briefly by the raising of an entertainment wall in the centre. The shade of wood utilised in this decorative feature is echoed in the capitonné upholstery of the seating lounge, the two similar shades constituting a core of sandy brown in a sea of white.

Fix Saloon

About the project

Modern in monochrome, this bold salon features edgy cuts and stylish elements for a contemporary-chic finish

Keeping things up-to- date and fashionable, Fix hair salon is loud and bold in black and white

Luminous with bright white lights, yet cool with dramatic soothing blue hues, the spacious hair salon is everything you’d expect from a trendy shop. Beyond the welcoming entrance is the main studio, where roomy single chairs face mirrors on both sides of the studio. 3-dimensional white blocks are neatly arranged around the mirrors for a feature wall effect, complementing the modern style of the interior.

A more private hair washing station is situated at the back of the studio on a raised platform, separating the main studio from this area. As décor is minimal, detail is found within features such as the abstract shelves and unique ceiling feature. With a basic colour scheme, customers are able to feel at ease in Fix hair salon.

Vila Seni, Plentong

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Elegant Decadence

This three-storey home indulges in rich textures and pretty décor creating an interior that is modern yet classic.

SUBLIME IN CONTRASTING SHADES, this home indulges in rich textures and pretty décor to beautify this spacious three-storey house. With an open plan living space, cream and neutral tones are combined with darker shades, enhancing the modern yet classic ambience of the space.

In the lounge area, a cream leather sofa fills the space, contrasting with the darker elements, such as the cushions, the rug and also the feature wall. The television feature wall features a stylish marble wall and a dark brown panel, which matches with the television cabinet. With the same colour scheme running into the dining area, this simple and sophisticated space is connected to the dry kitchen, via the beautiful wood dining table. Minimal and modern, the wood dining table, which joins to the breakfast bar and countertop, is surrounded by dark brown chairs. The dry kitchen area is sleek with its cream ceramic surfaces and hi-tech appliances, bringing the contemporary element to the forefront.

Sunway East Wood

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Gracefully Chic

Idyllic with its neutral colour scheme, this home embodies minimalism beautifully with soft textures and quaint décor to create a homely and chic ambience.

DRESSED IN A NEUTRAL PALETTE, the minimalist interior is filled with modern furniture and soft furnishings creating a warm and cosy ambience. Combining an array of soft shades in a variety of textures, the contemporary concept is complemented with subtle splashes of colour. With open living spaces, the chic style seamlessly flows throughout the interior, from the lounge to the kitchen.

In the high ceiling lounge, dimensions are created to the modest space by layering soft shades and textures. A single light dangles from the high ceiling emphasising the generous height of this space, whilst a stylish curved floor lamp adds horizontal dimensions to the lounge. Keeping with the colour scheme, the sofa is in a nude tone, where little touches of colour come into play via the cushions and décor to enhance the contemporary style. In the corner, against a beige wall, are two red chairs – the boldest colours in this demure space, which contrasts and complements the overall
style. To further enhance the space, the simple finishes all have a texture to it – from the marble feature wall, the textured wallpapers to the exposed wood grain coffee table, making the simple space unique.