Interior design

Aviva Green, Seremban

About the project

Elegant Volumes

With its sleek and chic interior, the combination of the contemporary décor with bold stylish colours enhances the charming and unique character of the home.

SOFT HUES AND AUTUMNAL TONES bring out a unique character in this spacious Semi-D. White wall and floor finishes enhance the various warm tones used around the open layout. In the lounge, a stylish burnt-orange sofa furnishes the space with its contrasting cushions in various shades of grey and blue. A mixture of fabrics, textures, surfaces and materials are combined in the lounge, creating the perfect balance between warm elements – like the soft rug, the heavy drapes and the colourful patch-work quilt-style chair along with the the angular tinted mirror and the wall panels behind the television.

Contrasting with the colourful lounge, the dining area is sleek in dark shades. Grey walls and matching grey curtains contrast with the black furniture of the dining area. With a more modern style, the furniture and décor feature more metal and glass elements, which add transparency and dynamism to the space. A small dry kitchen and bar is in the same colour theme as the dining area.