Interior design

Aviva Green, Seremban

About the project

Quiet Luxe

With just the right touch of finishese and the right choice of fabrics as well as furniture, an ordinary home can be turned into a space of simple luxury.

THE DESIGNERS FROM Q1 INTERIORS have truly created a series of marvellous spaces in this beautiful home. The living and dining area shout an echo of expensiveness through the use of bronze mirrors installed on selected walls. The reflective surfaces help to channel a sense of spaciousness while adding a queit touch of majestic sheen to the ambience. Despite being separated by two contrasting sets of furniture configurations, the recessed ceiling that runs across the living and dining helps to keep the space cohesive. The kitchen on the other hand boasts a black and white scheme that further emanates the concept of cimplicity. The sleekness keeps the outlook classy an expensive.

Moving on to the family area, the designers continue to using the bronze mirrors to jive both floors harmoniously. The wooden flooring injects added warmth white throw pillows lend a sense of comfort to those who are hanging out here. The bedroom on the other hand is spacious and absolutely clutter-free. The simple layout combined with a glorious spread of golden curtains elevates the space with a royal flair. The simple feature wall that treads vertically from floor to ceiling adds volume while giving the bedroom a quiet luxurious feeling altogether.