Interior design

Fix Saloon

About the project

Modern in monochrome, this bold salon features edgy cuts and stylish elements for a contemporary-chic finish

Keeping things up-to- date and fashionable, Fix hair salon is loud and bold in black and white

Luminous with bright white lights, yet cool with dramatic soothing blue hues, the spacious hair salon is everything you’d expect from a trendy shop. Beyond the welcoming entrance is the main studio, where roomy single chairs face mirrors on both sides of the studio. 3-dimensional white blocks are neatly arranged around the mirrors for a feature wall effect, complementing the modern style of the interior.

A more private hair washing station is situated at the back of the studio on a raised platform, separating the main studio from this area. As décor is minimal, detail is found within features such as the abstract shelves and unique ceiling feature. With a basic colour scheme, customers are able to feel at ease in Fix hair salon.