Interior design

Kangkar Pulai, JB

About the project

Style Profile

This house showcases a contemporary concept that is in perfect harmony with the cleve integration of vibrant decorating themes.

IN THIS HOUSE, THERE ARE corners and niches that may otherwise be left aside as wasted space, had Q1 Interior Concept not paired the contemporary interior concept and decorative styling themes together. We like how the living room is enveloped by mirror walls that are accompanied by box-shelves and a row of indoor plants to bring out a touch of colour. At another end, we adore how a feature wall next to the dining table take on a graphic wall covering but doesn’t stop there – art prints are affixed on strategic spots on the wall covering to create an eye-catching effect. Upstairs, we also enjoy looking at the range of tailor made furniture in the bedrooms that are all adorned with interesting materials and decorated with thematic objects. Then there are little nooks near the windows that are carefully designed using plush furnishing and colourful wallpaper before being finished off with bold-coloured pillows.

On the other hand, there are some spaces that are left undecorated – like the cool streamlined kitchen and the bathrooms which offer a good balance to the interior theme. The study, however has a little bit of both – the custom made shelves aligning the wall indicate a minimalist concept for space, but as a designer went for light wood surfaces for the furniture, a Scandinavian-inspired theme is now dominant. Decoration is kept to a minimal, but small personal touches offer the room a stylised quality. In the children’s room we see more colours expressed in functional way. For instance, colourful stripes highlight the walls, while children furniture beautifully enhance the space.