Interior design


About the project

Ordered Balance

This home’s neatly arranged rectangular spaces and simplistic decorative features speak of a preference for order over chaos.

From the onset, the naïve observer is informed of the prevailing theme in the form of a catch-all surface situated at the entryway, a simplistic piece of ad-hoc furniture formed from a monochromatic pair of right angles that converge to hold up a circular decorative platter. The shapes of the elements making up this decorative statement suggest a dependence on rectangular forms, while the colours foreshadow the predominant neutral palette.

The wide entryway spills out onto the open layout of this home’s ground floor, presenting an open expanse of white floor tiles— interrupted only briefly by the raising of an entertainment wall in the centre. The shade of wood utilised in this decorative feature is echoed in the capitonné upholstery of the seating lounge, the two similar shades constituting a core of sandy brown in a sea of white.