Interior design

Vila Seni, Plentong

About the project

Elegant Decadence

This three-storey home indulges in rich textures and pretty décor creating an interior that is modern yet classic.

SUBLIME IN CONTRASTING SHADES, this home indulges in rich textures and pretty décor to beautify this spacious three-storey house. With an open plan living space, cream and neutral tones are combined with darker shades, enhancing the modern yet classic ambience of the space.

In the lounge area, a cream leather sofa fills the space, contrasting with the darker elements, such as the cushions, the rug and also the feature wall. The television feature wall features a stylish marble wall and a dark brown panel, which matches with the television cabinet. With the same colour scheme running into the dining area, this simple and sophisticated space is connected to the dry kitchen, via the beautiful wood dining table. Minimal and modern, the wood dining table, which joins to the breakfast bar and countertop, is surrounded by dark brown chairs. The dry kitchen area is sleek with its cream ceramic surfaces and hi-tech appliances, bringing the contemporary element to the forefront.